Innovative Tools for the Plumbing Professional

  • As a plumber I must admit this is probably one of the most unique and amazing tools I've ever bought. When replacing old angle stops, the old nuts and ferrels come off in seconds with ease. An absolute must tool for every plumber. Handymen, stay away! lol"


  • "I saw this at a supply house and the manager who I respect told me you have to get one of these. When I used it I couldn’t believe how well it worked. Nice to buy a product that exceeds your expectations. No plumber should be with out one."


  • "I’m a handyman and my plumber recommended I get it for times I change valves and I actually used it twice in the first week I had it. It’s paid for itself already. Highly recommend."


Toolceptions Trucker Hat

The Best Trucker Hat Ever Made

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