About Adam Abrams, the Owner of Toolceptions, Inc


Hi. My name is Adam Abrams - President of Toolceptions. I started my plumbing career in 1988, and opened A. Abrams Plumbing Service in 1995. After a long day of replacing 20 angle stop valves in a home in 2004, I knew there had to be an easier way to remove these compressed ferrules from 1/2" copper pipe.

During a nice hot tub soak that night, I came up with a idea that I felt had promise. That week, me and my dad did some cutting, drilling, and threading to come up with what would be the first Ferrule Blaster™ prototype.

I used that Blaster for 2 years in the field, and then it failed. It was at that moment that I understood that the tool was awesome, and other plumbers would likely be excited to have such a great tool in their tool bags.

That is when I started the long journey to design, and build this tool. I started at a local rapid prototyping outfit to do CAD drawings, and ABS prototypes. Ben Dolan of RapidTech was instrumental in leading the design team.

Once they completed their portion, I went to look for manufactures to start the production process. This took longer than I had hoped, due to the financial meltdown of 2008. By 2015, Toolceptions, Inc. was born, and in 2016, the Ferrule Blaster made its World Debut at the PHCC Flow Show in Long Beach, CA.

We brought 10 cases with us to the show, and sold every unit we had an hour and a half before the show closed! Since then, we have been able to get the Ferrule Blaster on tool walls in over 400 plumbing wholesale outlets, mostly on the West Coast, but also in some outlets in Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Florida.

After battling the Covid pandemic with the world, we introduced our second tool, the TubTwista™ bathtub drain extractor/installer. We then followed that up with the ArmTwista™ broken shower arm extractor in the first part of 2022, and then the PlugTwista™ clean out plug socket set in August of 2022. We look forward to our next tool offering, the McTwista™, which will arrive in January, 2023. The journey continues.

We are excited to continue our march, and will be looking forward to making the entire Toolceptions tool line available in as many outlets possible! Stay tuned!