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McTwista™ - The Most Versatile Multi-Key Ever Made

McTwista™ - The Most Versatile Multi-Key Ever Made

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McTwista™ is the Most Versatile Multi-Key Ever Made. It works exceptionally well as an everyday meter key, and then some. You can use the right angle pipe wrench to remove galvanized trap arms for sink drains from outside the cabinet, or to remove vertical nipples in the ground up to 2" with utter ease. The 36" main shaft has a 1/2" socket hole at the top, so it can be used as a super extension for your impact. The T bar is 24" and slides to either side to get maximum leverage. There is a 3/4" x 1/2" adaptor that will allow you to use this extension with our PlugTwista™ sockets, or any 1/2" socket you desire. You'll be amazed by its many uses. McTwista™ comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • The meter key has great length and leverage to turn some of the toughest meter shut off valves.
  • The right angle pipe wrench attachment is ideal for removing galvanized/brass nipples in cabinets, ground boxes, holes, walls, or other tight locations.
  • The Heavy Duty steel shaft has all the length you need and features a ½” socket hole at the top that turns it into a 36” extension for your impact. We also include a 3/4”x1/2” socket adaptor that fits on the bottom to allow for use with our PlugTwista clean out plug sockets, or any ½” socket that needs a 36” extension.
  • The Heavy Duty steel T Bar is 24” wide and easily slides side to side to provide maximum leverage. The tee bar can be removed to use the main shaft as an impact extension by unscrewing one of the end caps.


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