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ArmTwista™ - The Best Shower Arm Extractor Ever Made

ArmTwista™ - The Best Shower Arm Extractor Ever Made

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Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

The ArmTwista™ is the best tool ever made to remove broken shower arms that are stuck in the drop ear 90 behind the tile or enclosure. It features a stubbed nose that keeps it from bottoming out in the fitting and an extended handle that allows the technician to use a ratchet or wrench to extract the broken arm with ease. While the ArmTwista™ is made for broken shower arms, it can be used for extracting 1/2" nipples in many different applications. The ArmTwista™ has a Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Solid, all steel construction with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Snub nose won’t bottom out
  • Works with impact, ratchet, or wrench


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